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Stoked to be working with Marco Hernandez on his new zine ‘Mean Streets’. Coming soon via Meanwhile Press.

If you haven’t already be sure to check the interview I posted with Marco back in July.

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#vsco  #vscocam  

Quit using my other blog and i’m just gonna post everything on here now.

Made a proper site for my photos too… 


The best kinda hip hop

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Tumblr Help

Is there any way to follow certain blogs from your ‘Second Blog’ or to have a second dashboard but only logging in via one email address?

I’m more active on my second blog (http://healingshit.tumblr.com/) and only really use this one to post my own photos but can only follow people from this one.

If it’s not possible I might just scrap my second and post everything through this one and keep my photos on Cargo Collective (http://cargocollective.com/markbuchanan)

Is this really simple and completely missing something? I don’t want to  create a new email address to be able to have a second dashboard and have to log in / log out between the two.

Any advice appreciated.

Cheers homies <3